Is it snowing yet??

    I have been working on this website for several weeks. This is my second website, the first having been hacked last July. It was difficult... I had the site since 2014; and it was full and had hundreds of hours of work in it. But, I just took a deep breath, went to a new host and started a new website. I had to change my website name a bit, which hurts when you have branded yourself diligently. But, I do what I have to do. Sometimes, unexpectedly - we start over. It's certainly not as traumatic as it could be (other trauma I've lived through). So, I am eternally thankful that it's just a website

    I also learned a new editing software and have begun uploading videos again. I upload to YouTube and Rumble. Here is the latest YouTube video (I'm hoping I will get better as I become more familiar with all the bells and whistles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk4tISn5zgs&t=8s

    Here is a Rumble video on a really old table refinish: https://rumble.com/vp4blh-old-broken-table-brought-back-to-life.html

    The snow is coming. We got a bit of it here recently, but it melted quickly. I'm now down to working my 'day job' at 10 hours a week. I wonder how that will sustain me. It's time to tighten the belt I suppose, like so many others now. My cares and concerns are my adult children and family; my health; the heat in the house and the electric. I know too well how easy it is to lose these 'simple' and unappreciated necessities. We appreciate things for certain when we no longer have them. Living in the mountains means sometimes we lose connection with utilities. This year I am going to get a coal stove for my basement. If nothing else, I will be able to obtain coal in my parts and I won't freeze. 



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